ĒSIOT™ Sandals

ĒSIOT ™ inspiration

The idea for the ĒSIOT ™ sandals was born in 2014. It was when the love for fashion made blending 25 centuries of history into an original, comfortable, all-day shoe possible.

As a result ĒSIOT™ sandals are a combination of three shoes in one and only, unique shoe: a. the Gladiator sandals (gladiators used to wear the homonymous sandals in the arenas), b. the Creepers, (soldiers based in the deserts, in North Africa, mostly wore these shoes in World War II) c. the Espadrilles, (catalano – aragonese military soldiers firstly wore this type of shoes).

ĒSIOT™ sandals are minimal shoes with dynamic lines. They are premium, handmade sandals, designed by Irene Sioti. They are manufactured in Greece, by local expert craftsmen, with 100% leather, high-quality VIBRAM® sole and colourful anatomical gels.



ĒSIOT ™ Collections

Each summer collection has a different Greek destination as its background. Furthermore, these destinations have been a source of inspiration for us over the years . Thus, the code of each sandal corresponds to the name of a different part of Greece.

Year after year, we enrich ĒSIOT ™ sandal collections with brand new designs and colours. In addition, we reissue variations of already existing designs.



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ĒSIOT ™ is based in Tinos. You can also find our designs at our eshop, our showroom in Kolonaki (by appointment) and at our affiliate stores in Greece and abroad.

Irene Sioti / The Designer

Born in Athens and raised in Tinos Island, Irene Sioti has a BA (Hons) in Statistics and Insurance Science from University of Piraeus. She is also a graduate from Veloudakis Fashion School in the Fashion Design Department. In 2013 she won the National Competition for Greek Young Designers of FEA. As a result she earned scholarship from Studio Nafa in Toronto, Canada. She has worked alongside fashion designer Dimitris Petrou, and now designs her own collection of ĒSIOT ™ sandals.

ĒSIOT™ Sandal' s Design


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