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TOURNA | RUCOLA: Premium, handmade ĒSIOT ™ leather lunch bag, inspired by the original paper grocery bag. Genuine, durable leather of high quality. Discreet embossed logo tag. Minimal and effortless design with extra leather strap to keep your lunch bag closed and your items inside secure. Soft water resistant lining provides a clean and comfortable interior surface which protects your breakfast, lunch or dinner content. With one eye on classic / cult design and the other one on modern silhouette, we could say this lunch bag is the grown-up version of the old-school lunch sack and a throwback to a simpler time. Fill your lunch bag with fruits, your main menu, your water bottle or whatever you desire and enjoy a healthy dose of nostalgia every time you pack. Made in Greece by local, expert craftsmen. Limited Collection Winter 2021.

Dimensions: 37 cm x 25 cm x 17 cm (Height x Width x Depth)

Material: Leather

Lining: Water resistant synthetic material of hight quality

Leather’ s Colour: Rucola