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MILKSHAKE | CREAM ĒSIOT ™ BAG: Premium, handmade ĒSIOT ™ reusable bottle bag, with soft and durable faux fur of high quality. The super soft touch of its premium faux fur makes it a luxury and elegant accessory while the trekking style rope (strap) gives it a more dynamic and modern look. Lightweight, fluffy and cozy, with petit carreau vichy lining in black and white, skin friendly. Ideal for winter strolls, trekking, travelling or business days. You can use it as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag. Made in Greece. Limited Collection Winter 2021.

About the reusable bottle ”SaveThe Aegean”

Manufactured by “Estia” company, designed to support the work of the organization "Save The Aegean" for cleaner seas. Keeps liquids 24 hours cold and 12 hours hot. Made of high quality stainless steel, it guarantees greater durability in long-term use and 100% unaltered taste of liquids. 100% leak proof. BPA free (does not contain the harmful substance Bisphenol A). 100% recyclable packaging is included.

Both the faux fur bag and the reusable bottle "Save The Aegean" are included in the price. Purchase is available only in combo.

Bottle’ s Capacity: 500 ml

Bottle’ s Height: 26 cm

Bottle’ s Colour: Nickel Silver

Bag’ s Height: 18 cm

Bag’ s Diameter: 9 cm

Bag’ s Material: Premium faux fur

Lining: Petit carreau vichy

Fur’ s Colour: Cream