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DAMATRIA,MAGENTA, Flat Lace Up Sandals 1, ESIOT ™ ss22


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DAMATRIA | MAGENTA: Premium, handmade ĒSIOT ™ flat lace up sandals. Inspired by the ancient -still never out of fashion- shoes, these lace up sandals are elegant and comfortable for daily use. Lots of ways to dress them up and tie them: climb up your calf for a more dramatic look or keep them tied at the ankles for extra support. The genuine leather is breathable, adjustable to the skin' s temperature needs (cool in Summer, warm in Winter), not sticky and resistant to natural odours. Design and production are made in Greece. Leathers have been imported from Italy for the ĒSIOT ™ Collection Summer 2022.

Sole's Height: 1,5 cm

Leather’s Colour: Magenta

Sole’s Colour: Natural

Fit: True to size