MOUNTADOS, BLACK, ESIOT Leather Slides, Velcro, 1, esiot ss24


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MOUNTADOS | BLACK: Premium, handmade ESIOT slides with soft and durable sleek leather. High quality antislip sole. Lightweight, minimal, comfortable and stylish, it' s the new must have ESIOT item for summer outfits. Round / Open-toe design and velcro secret fastening with extra descreet leather details. The padded insole with cushioning foam makes it easy to walk, providing comfort and highly shock absorption. No doubt, a totally new experience for your feet that you have to try. The genuine leather is breathable, adjustable to the skin' s temperature needs, not sticky and resistant to natural odours. Its slightly sloping sole keeps feet relaxed. Design and production are made in Greece. Leathers have been imported from Italy for the ESIOT Collection Summer 2024.

Platform Height: 3,5 cm

Leather’s Colour: Black

Fit: True to size