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FROISI, SAND, Flat Fisherman Sandals 1, ESIOT ™ ss22


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FROISI | SAND: Premium, handmade ĒSIOT ™ flat fisherman sandals. Inspired by the fishermen’ s style in the 1940’s, the fisherman sandals are the combination and revival of two signature styles: the gladiator sandals and the jelly sandals. Girly and elegant, with one double, thin and elegant, ankle strap, they fit perfectly with dresses, wide pants and shorts. The genuine nubuck leather is breathable, adjustable to the skin' s temperature needs (cool in Summer, warm in Winter), not sticky and resistant to natural odours. Design and production are made in Greece. Leathers have been imported from Italy for the ĒSIOT ™ Collection Summer 2022.

Sole's Height: 1,5 cm

Leather’s Colour: Sand

Sole’s Colour: Natural

Fit: True to size

Take care of your nubuck leather / suede shoes and use a waterproof and stain repellent spray frequently. Attention: Ask for a spray suitable for the types of leather mentioned above, with no colour. Test on a small inconspicuous area before full application, as some colours may darken. Always keep in mind that leather is a very sensitive material. You may also include the "Care Kit" found at CHECKOUT in your order, which protects leather shoes and makes them last longer.